I write mostly about the Abrahamic religions’ which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I have been studying these faiths on both a formal and informal basis for over four decades; and I continue to be fascinated by them. Since most of the world’s population falls into one of these religious genres there is never a shortage of people to discuss Father Abraham with. I also write and post stories about my life and experiences. So, this Blog is a bit of everything, really.

Since I love to read and made it a habit of making notes, I ended up filling dozens of notebooks over the decades. It is now time to make sense of those notes by compiling them into articles. Most people find what I write ‘interesting’ and many of my articles are read hundreds of times each month. Which is something that makes me incredibly happy 😊 Blogging is great!

There is more about me in the ‘About Me’ section and I hope you return to say ‘Hi’ from time to time.

Cheryl Mason.

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  1. wow. wonderously written with clarity. In psalm 120 I needed to understand Kedar and so then found your article. Your website is to be on my favorites as I will visit you often. Thank you for your gifting. HisPeace that surpasses. Jena.

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