City of David — Jewish Temple.

An amazing discovery by Robert Cornuke (Archeologist) and previous authors such as Dr. Ernest Martin on the real location of The Jewish Temple.

In this book, which I would highly recommend, Cornuke, uses his expert knowledge in criminal investigation, archeology and plain old common sense to place the Jewish Temple not on the highly contested Temple Mount but on Mount Zion (City of David) where King David and Solomon resided. The Temple was located on the threshing floor, that David purchased from Araunah the Jebusite.

Everything about this location, it’s size, it’s shape (square) it’s significance as Zion, scriptures, eye witness accounts, the fact that there is drainage there to accomodate run-off from the animal sacrifices, even imprints in the floor that match the various paraphernalia used in the Temple.

And, last but not least the Gihon Spring which gushed out in the Middle of the Mount Zion Temple used for ritual cleaning by the priests and to clean the area after the blood sacrifices. Think about it, none of these things exist on the Temple Mount. Where is the water source for ritual cleansing? Can you imagine the blood run-off from the slaughter of hundreds of animals. Where did it go and how was the area cleaned afterwards?

The current Wailing Wall which is believed to be the outer wall of the Temple is none other than an outer wall of the Roman Garrison.

The real Temple was totally destroyed as prophesied by Jesus, not one stone shall stand upon another. Either Jesus was wrong or Mount Zion (City of David) is the real location of the Jewish Temple.



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