End Times – This is what God showed me will happen.


End-Time Vision Update: 28 February 2022

As I mentioned below, I had a supernatural experience in 1982 when an Angel of God revealed the future to me. At that time, I was a very sick young woman and spent my days praying and reading my Bible. As far as I was concerned Jesus was my only hope and for me it paid off big time!

In the days after the experience, I shared the vision with many people and people looked at me like I was a little mad, so I shelved it. In the early 2000’s I felt God wanted me to begin sharing the vision again as it was time. In about 2009/10 I shared the vision in a Messianic Congregation in Dianella, Western Australia. Since then, I have shared the vision on online forums and in 2016 I posted it to one of my Facebook Pages and then to my Blog.

 In 2016 I stated that within the next 5 years things would start winding up. I am not sure why I said that but in 5 years COVID came and now the world is at the cusp of some major wars. But is this the end? Well, I cannot be certain as my vision was back to front, at least I think it was anyway. The Christians in white robes who had their Bibles taken away and burned were martyrs in the Middle East. They were all wearing long white robes. According to Revelation 6:9 more martyrs need to join them before the Sixth Seal is opened. Going backwards I believe a major nuclear attack will happen on the USA and Australia will be invaded by an Asian entity.

In the meantime, we will see the rise of world powers that will seek to dominate the world. This has been happening in stages. After 9/11 we saw a substantial rise in surveillance of all kinds. With the rise of COVID we have seen a rise in Mandates, Digital Passports, and restriction of movements. A monetary crash will be inevitable with food shortages paving the way for a world currency. Finally, the New World Order will be complete with the establishment of a leader who will start of as a person of Peace, but the outcome of his rule will be far from peaceful.

Cheryl Mason.

End-Time Vision: Get Ready!!!


The Christians of Middle East/Africa were experiencing terrible persecution, there were check points, soldiers, guns, and Bibles were burning in the streets.

What I believed to be the United States of America experienced something like a nuclear explosion,  and vigilante groups of teenagers roamed the streets with guns and shot people at random, mainly Christians. Christians had to hide from these gangs.

Australian Christians were experiencing house arrests, Asian soldiers were control in Australia. Whether this is part of some UN force or Australia was being invaded by an Asian Nation I wasn’t sure.

Pretty much everything will be winding up in the next few years, I think in the next five years, there will be no pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church, Christians will be persecuted in every continent until the Lord Jesus Christ returns.


Here is my Prophesy from thirty-five years ago:


During one of my prayer sessions in early eighties I had another vision. This vision was very powerful and it took me many, many years into the future. Before the vision, I remember I was kneeling at the foot of my bed and in deep prayer. I was conscious one moment and in the next I had fallen into a deep sleep. Whilst in this deep sleep, I heard loud banging on my front door. I felt afraid, so I hesitantly made my way to the entrance of the living room and peered out through the window to see who was there. I saw several Asian soldiers, dressed in full khaki military uniform, with guns pointed at my front door. I knew I was in imminent danger and that I should not open the door. My heart raced as I tried to figure out what to do. I decided to go into the bathroom and hide, hoping they would go away, but they didn’t. They banged on the door again and again, getting louder each time. Fearing they could break down the door and find me, I made the decision to run away. I climbed onto the bathroom sink, ready to make my escape through the bathroom window.

The window was high–a good two meters off the ground–on the outside. Our house was typical of those built-in Australia in the late sixties: it had one bathroom in the middle of the house, which in turn had one high window. The window opened out onto a back patio.  As I opened the window I saw an Angel waiting on the other side of the window for me. He’d come to help me to escape from the soldiers. He then reached out his arms towards me. He said nothing but beckoned me to come and climb into his arms. I climbed into his arms and he carried me like a baby. He placed his left arm around my shoulders and underneath my back, thus wrapping both my arms snugly, and he placed his right arm under my bent knees. He drew me close to his body, so close that I felt his body and the texture of the fabric of the garment he was wearing.

So what did the angel look like?  Often I hear people say they’ve seen heavenly beings, but when I quiz them about what they’ve seen, they cannot give me a detailed description, which might mean they just imagined it. If people say they saw something, they should be able to describe it in detail. So here is the detail. The Angel did not have wings. Angels don’t fly; they are not birds. They are far more sophisticated than that. The Angel I saw didn’t need wings; he just appeared and disappeared at will. I gathered he’d travelled the entire globe in this way, visiting places where people were in trouble. In my case, however, he did more than rescue me from the soldiers: he revealed the future to me.

He was very tall and very wide across the shoulders. He was so tall, in fact, that his arms I climbed into were at the same level as my bathroom window, and I estimated that to be about two meters high. He wore a deep blue garment, like a robe, similar to those worn by Priests in any Jewish illustration of Solomon’s or Herod’s Temple. His garment went all the way down to the ground, and it had long sleeves that belled out slightly at the wrists. Like the Jewish Priests, he also wore a sash or a girdle tied loosely around his waist, and the ends hung below the knees. The sash was in the exact same fabric as his garment, but red in colour.

Colours are very important in God’s Kingdom. Each colour has a specific meaning. For example, green represents life, blue the heavenly realm, purple royalty and red, the colour of the sash the angel wore, represented warning. So while he was a heavenly messenger because of his blue robe, the colour of his sash indicated he brought a warning. The fabric of his garment was rich and luxurious, a mixture of satin and silk, although it had the weightiness of satin, it didn’t have the shininess of satin; it had a softer, more delicate sheen, more like silk. The garment fit him around his upper body like a second skin, so I guess the other aspect of the fabric was that it was a little like Lycra.

His face was that of a man, with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and his skin was light. But I could not recognize any exact features, even though I looked into his face. There was too much light radiating from his face, he literally shone. His hair was shoulder length and curled inward slightly at the ends. When I looked closely at his hair, I saw it was made up of strands of pure, shimmering gold. With me safe and secure in his arms and my head resting on his chest, we disappeared.

We arrived in a beautiful green forest. I’d never seen such an explosion of the colour green before. I remember thinking how beautiful everything was and feeling so happy to be in such a lovely place. The temperature was cool and the air felt crisp and clean. The Angel and I walked together through the forest under the canopy of its tall trees. The trees looked like tall cedars, and I felt I was in North America somewhere, but didn’t know where exactly. The Angel still never spoke to me but I knew I had to follow him and listen for instructions, and so I did. Suddenly, he stopped turned to me and shushed me by putting his index finger over his mouth similar to what we do when we want someone to be very quiet. I immediately stood still, not making a sound. He then crouched down behind the tall cedar that was in front of us, gesturing for me to do the same. The two of us were crouched down together behind the cedar when he pointed for me to look outward, away from the forest.

I looked and I couldn’t believe how far away I could see. I could see everything for miles and miles. At first I wasn’t sure of what I was looking at, then I realized I was looking at the remnants of a city. The city had been totally devastated. It looked like a scene from an apocalyptic movie. There was a dark grey hue over the whole place. Buildings were collapsed, streets deserted and the place had been burned to the ground. Everything was charred and only the shells of buildings, cars, and buses remained. Amidst the rubble, gangs of vigilantes (teenage girls and boys) roamed. One gang walked past us carrying machine guns. I remember the guns being black, heavyset, very short and with wide barrels. The guns were on slings and dangled loosely across their bodies. The angel thought it best that we should be very quiet until they passed, and they passed without seeing us.

Again we disappeared, and we arrived in another part of the world. This place was the complete opposite of the beautiful cedar forest. It was very dry, hot and dusty. It was a poor country. The people had dark skin and wore mostly long white robes, similar to those worn in Middle Eastern or African countries. I remember feeling the sand under my feet. It felt grainy, warm and was whitish in colour. There was a lot of sand in this place. I couldn’t see any buildings, bitumen roads or traffic. There were only dirt roads, about the width of two cars. On one of these dirt roads there was a very long line of people who seemed to go on forever.

The angel and I were standing at the very end of the line. I decided it was time to ask the angel a question. “What is happening here? Who are all these people?” Immediately we disappeared from the back of the line and arrived at the very front. At the front of the line I saw a checkpoint manned by soldiers armed with guns, and they appeared to be interrogating the people in the line. Then I saw a soldier snatch a Bible from one of these people and throw it into a fire. I turned to look over at the fire, which was burning profusely in the middle of the dirt road. The fire was huge and consisted only of burning Bibles. I realized the people in the line were Christians and their Bibles were being taken away from them and burned.

I then found myself back in my bedroom and on my knees praying. I was completely awake again and felt deeply troubled by what I had experienced. The world that I saw was not a nice place. Things had gone horribly wrong and it appeared that in over three continents Christians were being persecuted. I use the world and three continents interchangeably here, because I am basing my understanding of the world/continents as being of the old world order when there were three, Asia, Africa and America.

I don’t want to offer too many interpretations here, but I think some things are self-explanatory. The first country I was in was my home country of Australia. Asian soldiers were in control and were making house arrests on Christian citizens. Whether Australia will be invaded in the future by an Asian nation, I cannot say for sure, or whether the persecution of Christians will occur all over Australasia, and thus Australia and Asia were perceived as one. It does, however, seem odd to me that Asian soldiers would arrest Christians in a predominantly Christian country such as Australia unless they had the power to do so. The second part of the world I visited was America, where a major catastrophe had occurred in an American city, resulting in a breakdown of law and order. Armed vigilantes roamed the streets and had no qualms about shooting people. It is my opinion that Christians were their target, since the angel showed me to hide from them. And finally, Bibles were burning in the Middle East and possibly Africa.

I cannot help but feel that this vision predominantly concerns Christians. If it is correct, then the only thing we can do to prepare ourselves is to draw closer to God. And when the time comes, God will release His army of Angels, the biggest and strongest angels ever created, to walk with us and protect us during difficult times.

Persecution is coming to Christians everywhere, make yourself right with God now, repent and do everything you can to spread the message of salvation, too many Christians have ‘causes’ there’s no time for ‘causes’ anymore, just spread the message of salvation.

Cheryl Mason © 2013 an excerpt from Theophany My Encounter with God.

The End: