Misc Dreams and Visions

22 April 2016

In a dream I saw fishermen everywhere getting ready to bring in a lot of fish. Some fishermen were so prepared, they had been preparing for ages to bring in a huge haul of fish, the bait itself they’d prepared would fill a small boat. They were loaded up with the most beautiful bait, good enough to eat.

Others were not so organised, but ready to fish anyway. I walked amongst these fisher-folk and watched them, it was amazing to see how organised and ready some of them were.

But even amongst all this activity I saw a lot of people just standing around doing nothing, they had their hands folded, still others were just doing silly stuff, unnecessary stuff.

God bless those men and women who are prepared and ready for the greatest end time harvest this world has ever seen.

Bring in the fish!


9/8/2016 AM

This is a message is to Catholics.
God has shown me in a dream that He is about to pour out again His Holy Spirit on the Catholic Church. Not the whole Church, only on individuals that are truly seeking Him, a few here and a few there.
The dream on 9/8/2016 AM was very powerful. I walked into a Catholic Church and sat through the service, later I was approached by woman who told me she had been earnestly seeking God, the Holy Spirit then came upon me and I began to prophesy over her, a few more gathered around, I prophesied this “Where you stand, where you stand, the Holy Spirit of God will fall on you, where you stand.” The few that gathered around me received the word I gave them joyfully, because they were waiting for God to move again in their midst.
Cheryl Mason 9/8/2016.

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