Genesis Ch. 1 and 2: An Exegesis

In The Beginning: An Exegesis of Genesis Ch.1 and 2. Do all Christians believe the earth is 6000 years old? Why does Genesis Ch.1 use Elohim and Ch.2 YHWH Elohim? What is the Documentary Hypothesi…

Source: Genesis Ch. 1 and 2: An Exegesis

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  1. Cheryl Mason, your blog is interesting and does clear up some confusion that Christians have. I do have a difference of opinion about some things that you wrote:

    God created everything that exists, matter, time, living beings. He didn’t discover something that was partially made and then finished the job.

    As far as gap theory goes, God gives Noah the same instructions in Genesis 9:1 as he gave Adam in Genesis 1:28. They are both told to replenish the earth. That word replenish is from the French word replenir, which is to restock (like a pantry). Why would God tell Adam to restock the earth unless there had been something there before that is now no longer there.

    John 14 was only about the promise of the Holy Spirit to dwell in the believers. It isn’t about mansions. The period of time came quickly. It was Pentecost.

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